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BPBible Portable 0.4.7

Free, flexible bible study

BPBible Portable is an incredible free, open-source application that makes studying the Bible a breeze, regardless of time or place. View full description


  • Excellent array of features
  • Easy to install new content


  • Doesn't come pre-loaded with any content
  • Some of the options aren't explained

Very good

BPBible Portable is an incredible free, open-source application that makes studying the Bible a breeze, regardless of time or place.

As it is portable, BPBible has all the features of the normal program with the added benefit of easy access and deletion. This means that no matter what computer you are using, wherever in the world, you can study the Bible problem-free.

The BPBible Portable interface is quite complex for a portable program. The good news is that you'll be able to find your way around fairly quickly and the whole thing is entirely customizable, which means that you can remove any windows that you don't need.

One of the few problems with BPBible Portable is something that you are going to notice fairly quickly. You must download content for the program before you can view anything using it. It doesn't come with any preloaded content, and when you do go to download you are limited to the files provided on the BPBible Portable website. Because of this, it might be worth taking a look to see if they meet your needs before downloading the program.

Once you've got your bibles sorted out, you can get down to studying them. You'll have no problems in this respect, because BPBible Portable has more features than you would ever need. You can look up your dictionaries, swap between texts, add comments, browse verses, tag text and even play a game.

BPBible Portable has several features that deserve special attention - cross-verse searches make looking for phrases and ideas far more intuitive, while the topic management function allows you to tag and mark selections and open them in an integral manager for organization and modification.

Finally, if you are feeling flexible, BPBible Portable will also choose random verses for you to study. As you'd expect, all of the aesthetic parts of the program - font and size, quotation style etc. - can be customized as desired.

BPBible Portable make Bible study intuitive, flexible and portable - what more could you want?!


  • Fixed a bug where the bookname language would always display in the menu as Afrikaans after the main language had been changed to a different language (though the bookname language would actually be the main language)
  • Fixed encoding issues which caused unwanted accents in Spanish
  • Made Devenagari scripts larger under Windows 7, since the OS would display them as far too small.
  • Improvements
  • If you search for a Strong's Number from the version comparison window, it will now switch the current Bible to the Bible you used to search from. This ensures you will not get no results because the current Bible does not have Strong's Numbers.
  • If the current Bible is not complete (e.g. it is New Testament only), Guess the Verse will now only show verses to guess that are present in the current Bible.
  • BPBible has been updated to use the latest version of PLY
  • Bug fixes
  • Fixed an error which caused consistent segmentation faults under Linux
  • Fixed a crash when invalid references are entered in the harmony window
BPBible Portable


BPBible Portable 0.4.7